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Plant Upgrades

plant upgrades

Plant Upgrades

Orion plastics is committed to constantly improving our technology and machinery to make the highest quality products available. Over the past three years we have invested millions of dollars into improving our capabilities of the plant. As we continue to make investments into the plant we will be able to offer our customer a wider spectrum of poly products at the highest quality possible.
Plant Upgrades
o Upgraded Our Chiller System
    • This enables us to run all of our lines at cooler temperatures which optimizes our efficiencies and provides better quality at greater output
o New Winder
    • Custom built high performance sheeting winder to provide high output films (i.e Shrink bundle, form/fill/seal, converter films)
o All new screws and barrels
    • Provides better output on each line
o High end blenders
    • Provides optimum blending for resins and additives
o All of these upgrades and more have allowed us to gain 30% greater output over a two year period

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