Orion Plastics

Food Safety

Orion Plastics is working toward AIB certification

Orion Plastics is working toward AIB certification and performing major factory upgrades to meet the required specifications. Orion Plastics utilizes FDA and USDA approved resins to insure quality and safety of our products.
We are members of ICIX, a site that stores all documents related to 3rd party audits and is accessible by our customers with properly approved access.
Orion Plastics is continuing to upgrade facilities and equipment for food safety and quality.
Traceability - we have the capability to trace all manufactured products back to the various resin and additive lot numbers.
All purchased raw materials are supplied with documentation and certifications to enhance traceability.
All materials are tested at incoming inspection to insure they comply to defined Orion specifications.
Orion Plastics is in the midst of a major undertaking installing new software to enable total elimination of paper with full factory bar coding from sales order to shipment of products, to enhance our ability to support our customers needs.